WildlifeDirect is an internet based conservation charity that aims to connect those who care about wildlife directly with those at the conservation front line. WildlifeDirect selects and trains genuine conservationists in the field to tell their daily stories through blogs. By creating global awareness about the day to day lives of rangers, wardens, conservationists, communities and scientists, donors can choose to help through making donations for specific projects and actions that they care about.

It is more than just raising funds we are unique in that we are giving voice to Africa’s real conservation heroes, many of whom risk their lives daily to save wild animals. With 88 different blogs around Africa and growing, WildlifeDirect represents the largest online community of African conservationists. Our goal is to build a movement big enough to respond to any wildlife crisis in Africa.

WildlifeDirect also provides a global news service from Africa’s conservation front line through video, podcasts, photographs, print and online media to major news networks. WildlifeDirect is also a social networking site enabling readers to participate, volunteer and to submit reports to the site through a unique mobile phone enabled platform called WildlifeTracker. This platform creates a mechanism for visitors to Africa to share sightings of rare and endangered species to encourage visitors to share their experiences and to excite future visitors. It also enables anyone anywhere to submit incident reports of poaching, logging fires and other threats to wildlife.  By linking these reports to major sites we can not only raise awareness but inform authorities to enable actions to be effected. Support WildlifeDirect and help us to secure Africa’s unique wild heritage.

Our blogs
East Africa – 46 blogs on Gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants, lions, marine, parks, birds, turtles, snakes, flowers, insects, bats, zebras, whale sharks, forests, monkeys
West Africa – 6 blogs on monkeys, gorillas and chimpanzees
Central Africa – 4 rainforest blogs about people and apes
Southern Africa – 6 blogs

Website Statistics
Monthly visits to WildlifeDirect are 170,000  per month
Unique visits 130,000 (79%) per month
Home page 30,000 visits per monthInterior pages 140,000 visits per month

WildlifeDirect’s reading audience is comprised primarily of college educated people aged 35 – 65. Over 270 websites link into and we link to many traditional international news and conservation sites.

45.6% Northern America
15.21% Northern Europe
7.2% South East Asia UK
6.5% Africa
5.4 % Western Europe
3.9% Oceania

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WildlifeDirect is separately registered in the US (501-(c)3 not for profit) and Kenya (not for profit), aimed at helping endangered animals worldwide. No administration fee is taken for the funds
that are transferred through us so that the financial support, net only of bank fees, can go where it was intended in its entirety.

WildlifeDirect ensures that 100% of your financial support (net of bank transfer fees) reaches your intended purpose.
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