How We Began

In 2004, a group of committed conservationists, led by Dr Richard Leakey, became convinced that the current developments on the internet provided the best opportunity for securing a future for wildlife: an approach that could harness the collective energy of countless good conservationists and combine it with millions of individuals around the world who have a genuine concern for the future of the planets wildlife and unique habitats. These people would connect through the internet to create a movement powerful enough to produce a virtual endowment capable of reversing the catastrophic loss of habitats and species.

WildlifeDirect was conceived as a non-profit conservation organization based in Kenya along the lines of an internet startup company. The organization was built to secure efficient conservation management in parks, reserves and other conservation areas throughout the world.

In the few years that WildlifeDirect has existed, we have been at the frontline in bringing attention to otherwise ignored conservation areas. In 2007, WildlifeDirect brought to world attention the brutal massacre of a gorilla family in the Virunga National Park In the Democratic Republic of Congo. This led to a lot of funds raised to support the protection of gorillas in this unique ecosystem.

At the beginning of 2008, Kenya plunged into it’s worst political turmoil since independence resulting in what is now referred to as Post-election Violence (PEV) following the disputed December 2007 presidential elections results. Foreign tourists stayed away and the Mara Conservancy, which depended 100% on tourism revenue, was in a dire situation. WildlifeDirect stepped in raising more than $150,000 to tide the conservancy through the tough no-tourist period.

These are just examples of the success of WildlifeDirect. There are others such as the high profile now accorded the hitherto unknown Lion Guardians Project and the high profile petition to ban carbofurans in Kenya and around Africa. This last campaign is ongoing and it has received support from far and wide including exclusive airing by the American broadcaster CBS in their TV program, 60 Minutes

WildlifeDirect continues to grow from strength to strength. We have continued to support our bloggers even in these difficult financial times. All this has been possible through your support. Stay with us, and lets save our last surviving wildlife.

WildlifeDirect is separately registered in the US (501-(c)3 not for profit) and Kenya (not for profit), aimed at helping endangered animals worldwide. No administration fee is taken for the funds
that are transferred through us so that the financial support, net only of bank fees, can go where it was intended in its entirety.

WildlifeDirect ensures that 100% of your financial support (net of bank transfer fees) reaches your intended purpose.
Thank you for your support towards the core costs of WildlifeDirect.