You can participate in our conservation efforts by:

Donating through:

1. Paypal
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2. Cheques
To donate by check please follow the following procedure :-

  • Write a check payable to WildlifeDirect Inc.
  • Indicate the blog you would like to support (pls select from the list attached) e. g. to donate to Lion guardians blog, simply quote LIGUS001- for uniforms. Since we have a database of the items codes, the donation will be rightfully allocated to the blog and item.
  • Include your mailing address for us to be able to send you a tax receipt

Mailing Address:

WildlifeDirect Inc.
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Washington DC 20024-1435

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– Organize fund raising events for WD or other projects in WD

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5. Other ways to help
– Online Volunteers – Help bloggers to post/manage their blogs
– Virtual trainers for bloggers
– Linking back stories derived from WD sites

6. Newsletter
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WildlifeDirect is separately registered in the US (501-(c)3 not for profit) and Kenya (not for profit), aimed at helping endangered animals worldwide. No administration fee is taken for the funds
that are transferred through us so that the financial support, net only of bank fees, can go where it was intended in its entirety.

WildlifeDirect ensures that 100% of your financial support (net of bank transfer fees) reaches your intended purpose.
Thank you for your support towards the core costs of WildlifeDirect.