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Sheria (The Law) is DEAD!!
A 15 year old rhino named Sheria in Ol Pejeta Conservancy has been killed by poachers
17 March 2014
Torn Ear - A victim of the Poacher's Spears
One of Kenya's former big bulls - picture & story courtesy of Big Life Foundation
08 February 2014
3 tons of seized illegal ivory crushed in Paris
More than 3 tons of illegal ivory seized by French customs agents was pulverized into dust in Europe’s first destruction of a stockpile of the banned elephant tusks.
06 February 2014
Shanghai Customs gather to build the largest haul ever in Shanghai Pudong International Airport in an immigration channel ivory smuggling case. - Newsroom
14 February 2014
China – Guangzhou Ivory Crush
China Destroys 6 tons of confiscated ivory - Newsroom
06 January 2014

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