A Showcase of Wildlife and Wild Places on My Wild Africa

June 13th, 2021

My Wild Africa series was screened every Sunday at 5:30 EAT on Citizen TV showcasing wildlife documentaries filmed in Africa. In May of 2021, viewers had an opportunity to learn about African wildlife including lions, lizards, giraffes, ostriches, elephants and gorillas. We are grateful to Off the Fence, Citizen TV and WWF-Kenya who have made this series possible. If you would like your film to be featured on My Wild Africa, reach out to Victoria Wangui at victoria@wildlifedirect.org.

Last Lion of Liuwa

In this film, viewers followed wildlife in the Liuwa Plain, a spectacular and remote area that is the source of the Zambezi river. The landscape is dominated by rich golden grasslands, but each year violent storms hit the Liuwa and the Zambezi bursts its banks, dramatically transforming this savannah into a vast shallow lake. Liuwa’s wildlife is just as dynamic: some leave, others arrive and for those that stay, they have had to adapt to a changing landscape and compete fiercely for territory and food. This film is told through the eyes of a permanent predator of the Liuwa plain, the last remaining lioness of Liuwa. She is the sole survivor of a senseless massacre that took the rest of her pride. She is a symbol of the Liuwa, a place that challenges all who live in it and where adaptation is crucial to survival.

Rainbow Nature

This film follows the story of the Augrabies Flat Lizard locally known as Rainbow Lizard found in the Orange river in South Africa is an oasis in an arid land. The name, Rainbow Lizard, is derived from the vibrant colours of the male and reflected in the spectacular rainbow that guards over the majestic waters of the river. In Rainbow Nature, we discover just how remarkable these little lizards are.

Tall and Tiny: Nature’s Extremes

In this documentary, we follow the lives of wildlife both big and small. Africa has the largest bird and the tallest mammal: The ostrich, so massive it can’t even fly, and the giraffe, with a neck that can extend up to seven metres. We discover that the earth’s largest animals can be just as hard to see as some of the smallest because it is so rare. The blue whale is a record-breaker, nearly thirty metres in length and up to 170 tons. But even a blue whale’s mass is nothing compared to nature’s largest structure created by minuscule living organisms: The Great Barrier Reef.

Wild Uganda

This is a remarkable film where we followed a group of mountain gorillas through the dense, steep jungle of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. We joined researchers at the Ngogo Chimpanzee project for insights into the largest known and most studied chimpanzee community on Earth; and, for the very first time, witness Savannah elephants getting their dose of salt – from inside the dark and mysterious caves at the bottom of an ancient volcano’s crater.

Wonders of Africa; What a Difference a Day Makes

This film takes us through wild places in Africa. From the second highest mountain in Arica, Mount Kenya which stands at over 5,199 meters to South Africa’s Kruger National Park. We meet a male ostrich who has been guarding his most-prized treasure: a nest full of eggs – the next generation throughout the night, little rock dassies that are thick enough to endure the coldest winter, three male lions scanning a thirsty buffalo herd and hunt down a buffalo calf Every day brings with it life, death, failure and success all over again.