An Incredible Lion Story

January 31st, 2021

My Wild Africa series continues to bring wildlife documentary films to viewers in Kenya every Sunday at 5:30 PM EAT on Citizen TV Kenya. In January, viewers had the chance to follow the dramatic saga of three lion families linked together by a strange, beautiful oasis called the Glade in Tanzania’ Ruaha National Park. The Lions Rule’ explored the unusual animal behaviour where lions lay down with baboons, lions kill giraffes, giraffes mourn their dead and buffaloes fight back.

In the first episode of The Lions Rule, viewers explored life in the Glade, a paradise in the desiccated plains of Ruaha in Tanzania where water is available all year round even at the height of the hottest and driest season. Peculiar behaviours among wildlife happen at the Glade like the pact that exists between a baboon family and a lion family. Baboons are preyed on by crocodiles, lions, spotted and striped hyenas, leopards & cheetahs. However, in the Glade, generations of lions and baboons have co-existed. We observe as peace in the Glade is shattered when thousands of buffalo arrive to drink.

Ruaha National Park has three lion prides, the Glade Pride, the Njaa Pride, and the Baobab Pride. The Glade is the territory of two old lionesses and their cubs. This small pride can bring down an adult giraffe. The Njaa Pride are drifters and consider the buffalo herd to be their territory. They seek the vulnerable who are among the hurt and the injured in the herd. The Baobab Pride is the largest pride in all of Ruaha and are also known to hunt giraffes. All three prides are led by lionesses; there are no adult males in residence.

As the dry season continues in Ruaha, herds of elephants arrive at the Glade. They dig deep into the sand with their trunks to tap the cleanest waters. The Glade Pride copy the elephants. This is unusual behavior, but not in the Glade. For generations, the prides have observed the elephants.

As the series concludes we observe as change comes to the prides as adult males return to resume their positions as leaders, and fathers. Young male lions begin their exile journey into adulthood. Male lions are cast out from their pride when they are still young to establish their own prides. Alone and desperate, hunger drives a young male lion from the Glade Pride to become a scavenger. Eventually, he meets another young male exile from the Baobab Pride. Together, they kill their first buffalo and form a bond for life. They know the only way they can survive is to follow the buffalo herds. However, the Glade male separates from the Baobab male and meets a lioness and this is where the trouble really begins. Staying alive in a kingdom of lions as a lone male is a challenge that few can hope to overcome. The only security is in the pride.

This series is made possible with funds from WWF-Kenya and films outsourced from Off The Fence. WildlifeDirect will continue to partner with Citizen TV Kenya to bring wildlife documentaries to Kenyan homes. Wildlife films have the power to connect people to nature and we are grateful for the chance for viewers to learn more about Africa’s majestic wildlife and nature. Keep watching and please share with us what you enjoy most about the films.

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