Building the Capacity of Law Enforcement

We believe that the criminal justice system is only as good as the people charged to ensure it works. These critical components of this system are important human resources that include rangers, investigators, prosecutors, probation officers, magistrates and judges, serving in different capacities in the criminal justice system.

Wildlife law enforcement officers face critical challenges in their day to day work. Institutional weaknesses, knowledge gaps and lack of supporting resources make their work hard, laborious and dangerous. We believe that empowered law enforcement officers can effectively and judiciously carry out their noble mandate of protecting our cherished wildlife.

We do this functions in four (4) ways;

  1. Training of law enforcement on the best practices of wildlife crime investigation, prosecution and adjudication to ensure wildlife crime offenders are brought to justice.
  2. Publish and Develop legal resources for law enforcement officers that act as reference materials and resources.
  3. Support wildlife law enforcement with technical resources and materials to facilitate their work.
  4. Developing digital tools to enhance prosecutions of wildlife crime cases