Case Tracking

Court monitors continually track and monitor wildlife crime cases involving elephant ivory, rhino horn, sandalwood, red wood, endangered bird species and any cases relating to law enforcement officers and foreigners.


Watching brief and amicus – curiae (friend of the court) are powerful tool that allows our lawyers monitors to assist and support legal interventions in wildlife crime court cases that midwife the most judicious outcome in wildlife crime trials. Case tracking creates an avenue to maintain public interest and pressure in cases.

This involves the application of research that supports proper charging of offenders, adjudication of bail and bond, freezing of wildlife offenders’ assets during cases, forfeiture of proceeds of crime after conclusion of cases and fast-tracking hearing of cases, ensuring right of all parties to a fair trial is upheld and while documenting the progression of court cases.

Case tracking enhances diligent prosecution of cases instilling transparency and accountability in the administration of wildlife law. Cases identified to have trial advocacy concerns are brought to the attention of prosecution and investigative organs for review to ensure that charged offenders are brought to justice. These interventions have proven important in enriching the quality of indictments and prosecution of ongoing wildlife crime cases.