End of an era for a super tusker in Amboseli

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WildlifeDirect is heartbroken with the news of the demise of Tim, a majestic elephant, probably the biggest elephant in Africa. Tim was famed for his giant tusks, he awed and inspired so many people and attracted world-class photographers hoping to get a rare shot.

WildlifeDirect and EbonyLife TV Wildlife Warriors TV Series Partnership

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First African produced Wildlife documentary series, from Kenya Wildlife Warriors goes continent-wide via Nigerian channel EbonyLife TV in November. WildlifeDirect is thrilled to announce partnership with Africa’s first global black entertainment and lifestyle network, EbonyLife TV to air Season One of the Wildlife Warriors TV Series will premiere on November 6, on EbonyLife TV in Nigeria.

WildlifeDirect calls on South Africans to overturn the amendment to the Animal Improvement Act (AIA) that has categorized selected endangered species as farmed animals

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WildlifeDirect strongly opposes the legislative move by South Africa to list endangered species as farmed animals – although we recognise South Africa’s sovereign right, this is an abuse of a global natural resources.

Disheartening news as iconic bull elephant meets untimely death at an abandoned septic tank in Samburu

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It is with a heavy heart that we learnt about the death of Teresai, a spectacular and famous bull elephant in Samburu.  Teresai, aged 41 was found dead on September 18 after falling into an abandoned septic tank at the ruins of the former Serena Safari Lodge located on the edge of Buffalo Springs National Reserve.

Luxury Leather Africa (LULEA)

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Luxury Leather Africa (LULEA) WildlifeDirect is delighted to enter into a partnership with Luxury Leather Africa (LULEA), premium leather and accessories enterprise for social impact based in Kenya. LULEA, founded by award-winning, internationally acclaimed designer, Edmond Chesneau, will be raising funds from the sale of their Parachute bags and Paragon bags to WildlifeDirect. Speaking during the signing of the partnership agreement between WildlifeDirect and LULEA, Dr. Paula Kahumbu stated “I’m thrilled to have LULEA partner with us. The idea that someone has chosen an elephant because of what an elephant [...]

WildlifeDirect Launches Snakebite Awareness Essay Competition for Kenyan Primary Schools

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To mark this year’s International Snakebite Awareness Day that is celebrated on 19th September, WildlifeDirect is delighted to launch its first Essay Competition targeting primary schools in Kenya.

Law enforcement officers sentenced to life imprisonment for poaching

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Four Administration Police Officers were last week convicted to life imprisonment or pay a fine of not less than 20 million shillings ($200,000) each for being in possession of a wildlife trophy without a permit.

WildlifeDirect opposes the lifting of Hunting Ban in Botswana

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WildlifeDirect does not support the reversal of the Hunting ban in Botswana though we recognize that it is their so sovereign right to manage elephants domestically.

Showdown looming at CITES

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Eastern and Southern Africa will take the next Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) to another ugly argument about ivory trade. They are pitching for a big fight. Kenya and her 'friends' want to transfer all elephants to be on Appendix I, which will send a clear message - NO IVORY TRADE for anyone.

Another trafficker walks free

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Another suspected trafficker of elephant ivory is set free by a magistrate at Mombasa Law Courts. Directly charged for the trafficking of 1097kgs of elephant ivory in two containers in December 2016, Mr. Gitonga walks out of court a free man.