Education and Outreach

Nature Positive Kids Outreach Program

WildlifeDirect joined forces with the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and The Walt Disney Company to develop the National Geographic’s Team Sayari TV series and implement Nature Positive Kids outreach program to be rolled out to 10,000 learners aged 7-12 years old in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. 

Team Sayari is a nature-based television program produced by Nairobi-based production company called White Rhino Films for National Geographic in Association with WildlifeDirect and is funded by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). In the series, young presenters and field reporters from across the continent together with African experts in five countries explore, discover, learn about our environmental challenges and educate and inspire young viewers how to reduce their impact, protect and restore nature. Team Sayari aired every Saturday on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182, Starsat 221)  at 1:00 p.m.( EAT).

 The overall goal of the project is to inspire and catalyze behavioral change that will have a lasting impact on the conservation of species rich landscapes and generate meaningful economic development opportunities for communities in East Africa. 


  • Set up of four conservation hubs across Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania
  • Establishment of a network of 200 partner schools
  • Engagement of over 11,000 school children in East Africa
  • Development of complementary educational materials
  • Provision of small grants to 79 schools to bolster their conservation efforts

WildlifeDirect partners with 3 conservation organizations based in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania to implement the outreach project  in schools across East Africa. The three partners are African People and Wildlife, Oceans Alive Foundation and Prime Biodiversity Conservation organization.

To learn more about this program, reach out to our Education Team:

Creating a Generation of Wildlife Warriors

WildlifeDirect’s signature Education and Outreach program, Wildlife Warriors Kids is an education program that introduces Kenyan children to endangered wildlife through a nationwide program targeting public primary schools. We are leveraging on the Safaricom 2018 calendar and use companion activity books and learning materials, activities and field trips. The project is in its second year of implementation and we are working with  33 schools in Kenya.

Wildlife Warriors Kids

Through the program WildlifeDirect takes children between eight and twelve years old to national parks and reserves throughout Kenya. WildlifeDirect hosts camping expeditions each year for select number of children where they learn about the environment, critically endangered species inhabiting the parks and the conservation efforts of scientists and communities in and around wild life.

Many children in Kenya, especially those in informal settlements, have never seen wildlife or been to any of our national parks and reserves. Wildlife Warriors  seeks to engage these children by developing learning materials such as research and activity books to educate children about different species of animals. Through citizen science, WildlifeDirect connects children to their wildlife and nature and inspires them to value and act to conserve it.  Through technology and science the children in turn nurture their desire to want to share this information with their peers, parents, teachers and larger community. The program’s aim is to create a generation of Wildlife Warriors; young advocates and champions of conservation who meaningfully work within their communities and contribute to sustainable and responsible solutions to matters effecting the environment, conservation and human wildlife conflict.

Publication of Books

WildlifeDirect is publishing wildlife books that allows children to learn about the different species of wildlife and what they can do to help conserve them. The project is still in its early stages and we are working with Storymoja who have already published the Wildlife Warrior Passport, Elephant Fact Book, Elephant Activity Book and Wildlife Warriors Teachers Guide.

Kids and Goats for Elephants

As part of citizen science approach to experiential learning, WildlifeDirect has launched an innovative called ‘Kids and Goats for Elephants’ led by Dr. Paula Kahumbu and Prof. Thure Cerling a distinguished professor from the University of Utah.

WildlifeDirect is engaging 450 students from M-PESA Foundation Academy in the collection of data which will entail analyzing the chemicals in goat’s hair to generate a map that will allow children to participate in forensic science and identify the source of seized ivory while learning chemistry, geography, geology, ecology, conservation, agriculture and climate change.

Studio presenters2Team Sayari presenters

Studio hosts Mysha Hodson (15), Marita Lucas (14), Shanah Manjeru (16), Railey Mwai (12) and Adarsh Nagda (14) and young field presenters from across the continent Thandolwethu Fani (15), Khahliso Khojane (15), Sabrina Kilumanga (11), Atule Mazane (14)Christian Mekhi (11), Toluwanimi Olaoye (13) and Sheilah Sheldone (14)

WildlifeDirect takes one hunderd and sixteen children to Mpala Research Centre in Laikipia, Kenya to celebrate World Elephant Day and World Lion Day 2019.

WildlifeDirect takes ninety children to Samburu National Reserve in Kenya to celebrate World Elephant Day 2016.

Global March for Elephants, Rhinos, Lions and other endangered species 2019.

Dr. Paula Kahumbu (center) with the characters from Mabingwa and filmmakers. WildlifeDirect partnered with The Escape Foundation and Brookhouse School to screen the film to 390 school children from Nairobi.

Children spot wildlife during a previous trip to Samburu National Reserve where they learnt about wildlife like elephants, lions, zebras and other wildlife

Youth participating in the annual Global March for Elephants, Rhinos,  Lions and other Endangered Species that brings over 3000 people to the streets of Nairobi to lend their voice to saving endangered species.

Dr. Paula Kahumbu, WildlifeDirect CEO, during an excursion trip with Wildlife Warriors at Nairobi National Park, Ivory-Burning Site.

Esther Ngei, WildlifeDirect Education and Outreach Intern (in black t-shirt) with students from Olgirgir Primary School during a tour at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

Wildlife Warriors Kids Expedition

Wildlife Warriors at Mpala Research Centre during Wildlife Warriors Expedition in 2019.


The Education and Outreach Program is a partnership between WildlifeDirect, Mpala Research Center, Storymoja Publishers, Brookhouse International School and the 33 primary schools in Kenya, and is generously supported by National Geographic Society, The Perfect World Foundation, Safaricom PLC, Siemiatkowski Foundation, Jana Robeyst Trust Fund, University of Utah, Yatta Juice by KWAL and Individual donors.