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Education and Outreach

Creating a Generation of Wildlife Warriors

WildlifeDirect’s signature Education and Outreach program, Watoto Porini (meaning Children in the Park), aims to bring children between eight and twelve years old into the national parks and reserves throughout Kenya. WildlifeDirect hosts Watoto Porini camping trips each year to learn about the environment, the critically endangered species inhabiting the parks and the conservation efforts by the scientists and communities in and around them. Many children in Kenya, especially those in informal settlements, have┬ánever┬áseen wildlife or been to any of our National parks and Reserves. Watoto Porini seeks to engage these children by developing learning materials such as research and activity books to educate children about different species of animals. Utilizing citizen science, we hope to get the children to fall in love with technology and science and in turn nurture their desire to want to share this information with their peers, parents, teachers and larger community. We wish to make conservation enjoyable and relevant to the children in order to create a generation of Wildlife Warriors, young advocates and champions of conservation who meaningfully work within their communities to ensure sustainable and responsible solutions to addressing matters effecting the environment, conservation and human wildlife conflict and participate.

WildlifeDirect takes ninety children to Samburu National Reserve in Kenya to celebrate World Elephant Day 2016.

Joy Omulupi, Education and Outreach Coordinator, with a Wildlife Warrior student.

Students use cameras to identify and track individual animals in Laikipia County.


The Education and Outreach Program is a partnership between WildlifeDirect, Brookhouse International School and the Big Life Foundation, and is generously supported by The Perfect World Foundation and Safaricom.