Leakey interview in SWARA and on NTV Wild Talk at 10 pm

NTV Wild Talk, broadcast an interview with Richard Leakey about the past and the present for wildlife and heritage in Kenya. It aired on Tuesday March 15 on NTV at 10 pm. I also want to draw attention to the new article in SWARA here in which he states:

“Parks will only be sustainable if Kenyans want them to be sustainable. Middle class Kenyans who own TV sets watch international soccer, international vanity shows and news but none of them watch wildlife programmes because they’ve never been put on air in this country.”

This sentiment is the reason that we created NTV Wild. For those who have not been able to catch previous episodes, NTV Wild is a partnership between NTV, WildlifeDirect and KWS to broadcast wildlife documentaries made in Kenya and Africa on national Television for the first time in our history to inspire Kenyans to visit our parks and appreciate our spectacular wildlife heritage. The program airs on Saturdays and a discussion program on Tuesdays.

This is the list of all the NTV Wild documentaries so far on Saturday’s at 8 pm:

  1. Mzima Haunt of the River Horse – Mark Deeble and Vicky Stone
  2. The Last Lions – Derek and Beverly Joubert
  3. African Cats – DisneyNature
  4. Here be Dragons – Alan Root
  5. Battle For the Elephants – Nat Geo
  6. The Queen of Trees – Mark Deeble and Vicky Stone
  7. NTV Wild Talk on Tuesdays at 10 pm

NTV Wild Talk S1 E1

“The mystery of Mzima”

Smriti Vidyarthi visits Mzima springs to bring a story about the spring that would be lifeless without hippos. A world class site that is amazing.

NTV Wild Talk S1 E2

“Kenya-US relations in protecting wildlife”

Smriti Vidyarthi engages US ambassador to Kenya Ambassador Robert F. Godec and the US Secretary – Interior Sally Jewell as #NTVWild talk focuses on US-Kenya relations in protecting our wildlife

NTV Wild Talk S1 E4

“Saving Kenya’s big cats”

From the seventh wonder of the world, Maasai Mara is home to the largest population of lions. Smriti Vidyarthi share the incredible life stories of two cat families.

NTV Wild Talk S1 E5

“Safeguarding Karura Forest”

Smriti Vidyarthi takes a look at whether Karura forest is under threat or not. The show looks at the struggles to save Karura forest from land grabbers.

NTV Wild Talk S1 E6

“Wildlife Newbies & Champions”

Smriti Vidyarthi speaks to some of the new faces linked with protection of wildlife.

NTV Wild Talk S1 E8

“Dirty money, dirty trade”

Smriti Vidyarthi takes a look at how wildlife and the money. The link between economics and the wildlife. A lucrative business that is fast growing by the day with poachers going to the extremes to make a quick buck.

NTV Wild Talk S1 E9

“Ticking time bomb: Wildlife conflict”

Cases of clashes between man & mammal are on the rise. Smriti Vidyarthi visit the Amboseli ecosystem to find out why Maasai morans are taking matters into their own hands.

NTV Wild Talk S1 E12

“Rhinos on the brink”

Smriti Vidyarthi visits Ol Pejeta Conservancy which is home to the only 3 northern white rhinos left in the world.

NTV Wild Talk S1 E13

“Burning Issues”

On April 30th, 105 tonnes of Ivory & 1.35 tonnes of rhino horn will be set ablaze at the Nairobi National Park. Smriti Vidyarthi tells you why & how Kenya will burn the largest stockpile of Ivory ever.

NTV Wild Talk S2 E7

“Rhino Capture…”

At least 1,338 rhinos were killed for their horn by poachers across Africa in 2015. Smriti Vidyarthi goes to Ol Pejeta to witness the dramatic efforts being made to protect Kenya’s rhino population.