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Justice for Wildlife

Kenya is considered as one of the world’s most notorious hotspots of poaching and hubs of trafficking in wildlife products of various species. In fact, Kenya is considered by the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species as a country that does not meet all the legal requirements in the compliance with protection standards of wildlife under the convention and as such has a low response to wildlife crime. WildlifeDirect has a core mission of connecting people to their wildlife and nature and inspire them to value and act to preserve it. We believe that the only way we can achieve this is by advocating for transparency and accountability in how wildlife and environmental compliance laws are developed and enforced. We do this through our Legal Department which engages with all relevant wildlife law enforcement authorities in Kenya to strengthen their response to wildlife crime. It engages with these authorities through several targeted activities.

Eyes in the Courtroom

Data Collection

Tracking Cases

Capacity Building

Maintaining presence in courtrooms to report on outcomes of wildlife crime cases.


Visiting Registries, and archives of Courts of Law to retrieve files & collect data.

Keeping an eye on cases as they progress through the criminal trial process.

Training rangers, prosecutors, and judges on best practices of handling wildlife crime cases

From ivory queen to jail bird

A court in Tanzania has convicted and sentenced Yang Feng Glan, infamously named ‘The Ivory Queen’ and two of her associates to 15 years in prison. This is welcomed news signaling an end to a 5 year protracted case where Ms. Yang and two Tanzanians were charged with economic crimes for trafficking in more than 706 pieces of elephant tusks in 2014.


The Eyes in the Courtroom Program is a partnership between WildlifeDirect and the Judiciary Training Institute, and is generously supported by Wildlife Conservation Network’s Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF), Save The Elephants, Whitley Segre Foundation, Cedar Hill Foundation,  Straus Family Foundation and the Elephant Crisis Fund.

Cedar Hill Foundation

Straus Family Foundation