Luxury Leather Africa (LULEA)

WildlifeDirect is delighted to enter into a partnership with Luxury Leather Africa (LULEA), premium leather and accessories enterprise for social impact based in Kenya.

LULEA, founded by award-winning, internationally acclaimed designer, Edmond Chesneau, will be raising funds from the sale of their Parachute bags and Paragon bags to WildlifeDirect.

Speaking during the signing of the partnership agreement between WildlifeDirect and LULEA, Dr. Paula Kahumbu stated ā€œIā€™m thrilled to have LULEA partner with us. The idea that someone has chosen an elephant because of what an elephant means in totality, and not just a nice looking animal, is really significant and this is what this partnership is about. Elephants are a very powerful symbol of what we believe in. LULEA is a brand that is beautiful and very high quality.ā€

The bags will be on sale at selected Carrefour supermarkets and Duty-Free shops. Through this partnership, WildlifeDirect and LULEA will be contributing to the reduction of single-use plastics by offering an alternative that is not only durable but also fashionable with an African touch.

For every bag sold $1.00 goes to WildlifeDirect’s elephant conservation work.

We are beyond ecstatic to be partnering with your organization. We have had, and continue to have, the privilege of experiencing such amazing creatures. Through this partnership we believe in giving the future generation the privilege of enjoying the same. – Edmond Chesneau