My time at the Wildlife Warriors Field Lab

Working in the field lab has provided me with numerous connections, opportunities to better myself, and a wealth of new experiences.  One of the highlights of visiting many different places is getting to form connections with a wide variety of people, and working as an intern at the field lab has given me the opportunity to do just that. There was a large gap in age between my coworkers at the lab and I. While this gap in age initially took some getting used to, once I did, conversing with my fellow field lab members was very enjoyable. I could learn from their life experiences, and still speak with them like equals. And through taking various courses throughout my time at the field lab, I was able to make connections with individuals who worked for National Geographic, and students at the illustrious Princeton University.

Working at the field lab has also allowed me many opportunities to better myself. Through taking pictures of the various flowers, animals and grasses, I have made great progress with my photography skills. Through taking the Princeton course, not only was I able to experience what it was like to be taking a university level class, but also ease some of my anxiety before entering college. And through assisting my fellow field lab team members, I have learned a lot about animals and plants. 

Through working at the field lab, I have been able to experience many different experiences. I am lucky enough to say that I grew up in a very privileged household, and so I was unaware of a lot of things before coming here. However, after coming here, I learned a lot of things such as being able to cook, how to pluck harmful plants from the soil and a myriad of others. I can even boast to my friends about living in a tent surrounded by animals. I was even able to see lions, and delve head first into a hyena den. I can say for certain that working as an intern for the Wildlife Warriors Field Lab has been the highlight of my Gap.