Naturistic Shoe Designs

WildlifeDirect is thrilled to partner with Naturistic Shoe Designs, a locally-owned shoe company inspired by nature and wildlife. Naturistic Shoe Designs is generously donating seven percent of its proceeds to WildlifeDirect to help preserve the world’s greatest wildlife for future generations.


The kids of Naturistic Shoe Designs!

Naturistic Shoe Designs was established in 2013 when they developed a line of artistic and sophisticated canvas shoes with the goal of educating and displaying nature at its best. She spent time conducting extensive research to explore a variety of wildlife organizations and immediately felt connected to WildlifeDirect’s mission. Through a partnership with WildlifeDirect, Naturistic Shoe Designs hopes to  preserve some of the world’s most endangered species and educate Kenyan youth and communities about the benefits of Africa’s most vulnerable species.

Tiffany shares her passion: “Naturistic Shoes hope to achieve a reduction in human pollution, contamination, and poaching of the world’s greatest animals. Additionally, we want to spread awareness to the general public about the dangers of animal extinction. A partnership with WildlifeDirect will help aide people in the United States and abroad into wanting to take a proactive effort about saving wildlife through various means.” Together, Naturistic Shoe Designs is inspiring and educating others about critically endangered species around the globe.

Naturistic Shoe Designs is a small, locally-owned business located in Dumfries, VA. Their designs have included elephant, rhino, butterfly and many more. Visit their website for the latest designs or more information, please contact

“Species are becoming extinct everyday without recognition and notice of their contribution to society.  All designs are sketched and hand drawn prior to manufacture. Every style features the best materials and production for all men, women, and children.” – Naturistic Shoe Designs Website