1. Education and Outreach
    1. Tagline: Creating a Generation of Wildlife Warriors
    2. Imbed Video/Photos of Watoto Porini
      1. Need to double check captions with team
      2. Need a section on Why this is important and affects of program
    3. Community Development
      1. Tagline: Empowering Maasai Women to Live Peacefully with Wildlife
        1. Ask Program team what tagline should be used
      2. Imbirikani Women’s Project
  • Insert Video/Photos of Imbirikani
  1. Legal
    1. Tagline: Eyes on the Courtroom
    2. Link to Reports and/or Wildlife Act
      1. Where are the others?
  • Link to database for court cases (Didi: we do not have this yet)
  1. NTV Wild
    1. Tagline: Shining a Light on Africa’s Conservation Heroes
    2. Imbed Video/Photos
  • Two Campaigns
    1. Hands Off Our Elephants Campaign
      • Tagline: Transforming Conservation Outcomes in Kenya
    2. Save Nairobi National Park
      • Tagline: Protecting Kenya’s Oldest National Park