Over 200 people came together virtually to discuss the future of Nairobi National Park 

Nairobi, 24th June 2020: In June 2020, close to 200 people gathered virtually to discuss the future of Nairobi National Park.

Under the banner of Conservation Alliance of Kenya, over 200 people came together from June 12-14 to address the question, “how can we ensure the management plan commits to protecting the unique, immeasurable ecological value and potential of the park for the public in Nairobi and beyond?”

This report details responses from the participants on the draft Ten Year Management Plan for Nairobi National Park that has been submitted to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). A whole range of people including conservationists, community members, and youth took part in the three days events. The events were run via Zoom using the Open Space Technology method, which was facilitated by London based firm Public Service Works.

A large number of topics were discussed and recommendations produced over three days. The core concerns revealed that rather than supporting infrastructure development to promote tourism, the participants recommended the creation of opportunities for citizen education, awareness, participation, and engagement in opportunities ranging from management to science. The participants felt the main focus of the park and its development should be on securing the natural integrity of the park and securing the ecosystem, as well as addressing governance challenges by the government.

The main recommendation from the people who attended the events was to overhaul the policy and legal framework and planning management of the Nairobi National Park to empower citizens. The proposed fundamental principles included:

  1. Acknowledge community and public’s legitimate role.
  2. Develop broad and empowered public participation, alongside accountability and transparency of KWS
  3. Secure and develop the integrity of the park’s ecosystems and its biodiversity

The full details of the discussions can be downloaded here.

“I am really grateful, I have been feeling suppressed and frustrated, there have been so many meetings and webinars but no chance to say what you wanted. …..I got to hear from communities offering recommendations for KWS,” said Nkamumu Patita, a community member from Narentunoi Conservancy, which is located south of Nairobi National Park.

The discussion on the draft Ten Year Management Plan for Nairobi National Park illustrated the power of people in finding a solution and committing to participating in the actions identified. It was encouraging to see how many people showed up, are concerned about the future of Nairobi National Park, and want to see it well managed.  This method proved a very powerful tool towards promoting public participation, building consensus, and mobilizing public support and ownership of any government project.

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For more information, please contact:

Victoria Wangui – WildlifeDirect, Communications Assistant

Email:  +254 (0) 715 845 128

About WildlifeDirect:

WildlifeDirect is a Kenyan based conservation organization that has transformed anti-poaching results in Kenya through the award-winning conservation campaign “Hands Off Our Elephants” and the production of Africa wildlife documentaries.  The vision of WildlifeDirect is changing hearts and minds and laws to ensure that Africa’s wildlife endures forever. WildlifeDirect produces wildlife documentary series’ as part of its mission to connect Kenyans to their wildlife and nature and inspire them to treasure it and act to conserve it.

About Conservation Alliance of Kenya:

The Alliance is a member-driven non-profit umbrella organization for conservation Non -Governmental Organizations in Kenya with shared interests to advance the preservation, protection, and management of wildlife and its habitats. The Alliance collaborates with partners to promote participation in policymaking and the implementation of proactive solutions to natural resources threats and management at all levels of governance.

Download the press release here.