Project Description

Changing the Narrative

“If you want to change the story, change the storyteller.” – Noel Kok.

We have been the only Africans making wildlife documentaries in Africa for some time, but we are changing this through new partnerships that will catalyze the industry. In July, WildlifeDirect received a special package, a RED Komodo camera from Red Digital Cinema in the USA. We thank Brian Henderson, the Director Global Business Development at RED for making this possible. This is one of the most sought after cameras in the wildlife film industry and is an essential part of our filming toolkit.

Our goal is to build capacity for wildlife filmmaking by Africans in Africa. That is why we have partnered with the phenomenal photographer Clement Kiragu who has joined WildlifeDirect as a Film Associate. Clement is Africa’s Photographer of the Year (2017) – a photo competition run by Rhino Africa, an award-winning safari company, and Canon Ambassador for wildlife in Africa. He has begun field training in wildlife filmmaking, on a shoot with Bob and Gina Poole of Poole Films.

WildlifeDirect has provided the RED camera and a shooting vehicle for 3 months. To support this incredible journey please make a donation here.