Project Description

Help Us Respond To Kenya’s Devastating Drought

October 31st, 2021

Northern Kenya is currently facing a crippling drought.  In early September, President Uhuru Kenyatta declared it a national disaster. Both people and wildlife have been affected as water points and grazing areas across the country continue to dwindle. According to sources on the ground,  endangered species such as giraffes and Grevy’s zebra are dying everywhere. Thirsty wildlife is in constant conflict with communities that are already suffering from the adverse effects of COVID-19.

WildlifeDirect is supporting communities and wildlife affected by the drought. Please donate now to help us alleviate the suffering to people, livestock and wildlife. We will get the money to our partners on the ground to pay for water and hay to keep people, livestock and wildlife alive through this devastating drought. These videos of communities trying to keep wild animals alive illustrate how serious the situation is. Warning: You may find the videos disturbing. The videos were shared with us from the community.