Project Description

Help us secure the future of wildlife and their habitats

Wildebeest Migration © Anand Madhvani

This year has been hard on many fronts but we continue to choose hope, health, and resilience for a better future for our wildlife and people. Kenya is known for the Big Five ( Elephants, lions, buffalos, leopards, and rhinoceros) and is home for many of the wildlife that are now endangered or nearing extinction. Now more than ever, we need your help to secure the wildlife, green spaces and support the resilience of those who live with wildlife and bear the biggest brunt of human-wildlife conflict. We are appealing to you to consider us in your giving as the opportunity for securing wildlife and the migratory corridors is narrowing. Despite their importance to the survival and sustenance of wildlife, not one of the critical migratory corridors has been gazetted. Instead, we have witnessed fencing and cultivation expanding in the areas identified as wildlife corridors. Thus wildlife movements are changing, human-wildlife conflict is escalating, and wildlife numbers are plummeting. This campaign will help raise public awareness about the importance of these critical migratory paths, encourage public action, and set the foundation for talks on the gazettement of wildlife corridors. Give a gift today and help change the future of wildlife for the better.