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October 6th, 2021

Africa’s wildlife is in trouble. Many species are declining towards extinction. If we do not halt these declines, we will lose many of our iconic species. We can make a big difference by simply inspiring people to care. As you all know, wildlife documentaries have the power to touch move and inspire people to act to save wildlife. This is why WildlifeDirect has been producing the Wildlife Warriors TV series, training filmmakers, and championing African wildlife filmmaking by Africans – it is all to save our wildlife.

To accelerate this change we are hosting a virtual event on 13th to 14th October to bring people who care about this together. Our goal is to find solutions that put Africans at the heart of filmmaking and storytelling to secure the future of our wildlife. The event is endorsed by the BBC Studios Natural History Unit, National Geographic, World Wildlife Fund for Nature, and many others. Over 300 people have already signed up to be part of this new future.  It will be amazing and empowering for all of us.

You can also participate – just register for the event here.

And, you can sponsor the event and support its outcomes. If you would like to know more, please contact Dr. Paula Kahumbu at

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