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Happy New Year from WildlifeDirect

January 03, 2018 | Trish Sewe

We begin the year 2018 on a good note for elephants as China’s domestic ivory trade comes to a close. China is considered to be the largest consumer of ivory and with the closure of its legal ivory trade, it is our hope that this will reduce the slaughter of African elephants that are currently on the verge of extinction. We at WildlifeDirect want to take this opportunity to wish you Happy New Year and thank you for your incredible support throughout 2017.

WildlifeDirect team with Firs Lady Margaret Kenyatta during the Xmasbox Fair in Nairobi

Last year was a year of growth and learning for us. It was also a year of tremendous achievement, from feeding over 750 school children during the drought season, monitoring wildlife crime cases in 121 courts across Kenya, organizing the biggest global march for elephants, rhinos and lions to rolling out a global campaign to create awareness of the plight of elephants in partnership with Amarula.

A big thanks to our donors,  partners and supporters who without whom we could not have achieved these successes.

Read more about the activities we carried out last year towards the end of the year here.