Project Description

Meet the Judges

We have just completed judging our Wildlife Warriors Nature’s Treasures Photo Competition for week 1 which was themed “Nature in Distress”. Let us introduce you to our independent judges.

Callie Broaddus

Callie Broaddus is a wildlife photographer and conservationist based in Washington, D.C. After nearly seven years designing books for National Geographic Kids, she launched Reserva: The Youth Land Trust, an organization empowering youth through conservation, education, and storytelling. Her photography focuses on the importance of solution-based optimism, promoting habitat conservation as a personal action anyone can take to combat the ongoing climate and biodiversity crises. You can follow her on Instagram at @calliebroaddus and @reservaylt.

Usha Harish

Usha Harish is a wildlife photographer and a safari planner based in Kenya who loves wildlife & nature and likes to capture the emotions of people and animals alike in their natural habitat. She wants to showcase the wilderness around and spread awareness to the world about conservation through her photographic work. Beautiful colors, animal patterns, and animal behavior intrigue her as much as the act of translating those into images using the camera. She has traveled all across East and Southern Africa and India for wildlife. The journey has become fascinating, as she engages in various projects, commissioned work.
Usha Harish Photography & Safaris


Ananth Krishnamurthy is an amateur photographer with a passion for wildlife and wildlife conservation. He is particularly fascinated by animal behavior, and exploring what observing them can teach us about being human. As an amateur photographer, he is constantly learning how to better tell those stories through photography. He has fond memories of his schoolboy years in East Africa and although he now resides in the USA, he visits East Africa frequently. You can see some of Ananth’s work at @perpetualmigration on Instagram.