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Nature, Environment & Wildlife Filmmakers Congress

July 12, 2018 | Trish Sewe

Dr. Paula Kahumbu with NEWF’s Executive Director Noel KOK

We are delighted to announce that our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Paula Kahumbu will be speaking at this year’s Nature, Environment & Wildlife Filmmakers Congress in South Africa. Paula will be one of the  inspiring, powerful women giving a key note address on July 16th. Follow news leading to the congress using hashtag #NEWF2018. Paula will also share how she embarked on a journey to take African conservation stories to local TV screens around Kenya.

In a statement to WildlifeDirect, Dr. Richard Leakey stated, “Paula Kahumbu has created a powerful and timely message that will bring about greater awareness for the urgency of conservation across Africa. The use of television to spread the message, using Paula’s voice on critical wildlife issues is an excellent initiative which we should all support.”

WildlifeDirect seeks to save Africa’s unique wildlife heritage by connecting Africans to wildlife and nature, so that they value it and act to save it. To achieve this, we seek to create an army of people who are care about wildlife and nature, and are empowered to save it.We are embarking on a journey to produce a new powerful TV series that will celebrate local conservation heroes and charismatic animals in the wild.

NEWF vision is to become the premiere destination for the convergence of nature environment, wildlife and adventure filmmakers, photographers, scientists and conservationists in Africa.

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