Project Description

Nurturing Nature Positive Schools

November 30th, 2021

Iltital Primary School in Kajiado County are restoring nature through their afforestation project

One of our most exciting and fulfilling programs at WildlifeDirect is education and outreach. Children across Kenya join our Wildlife Warriors Kids Clubs for place-based learning in their schools and communities. They watch Wildlife Warriors TV series episodes and start projects such as tree growing, building pollinator gardens to attract bees and other pollinators, establishing tree nurseries, paper and plastic waste management and identifying birds in their schools.

Today, thousands of trees have been planted, dozens of animals rescued, schools cleaned up and visits to parks and forests increased. These children are not daunted by poverty. They are all attending public schools and their engagement in the Wildlife Warriors Kids Clubs gives them exciting new ideas of opportunities to make a difference in the world. Their commitment is heart-warming. Teachers tell us that they often have very little time for themselves but will generously stay after school to tend to their organic gardens, plant trees and go for hikes to explore their local environs. We select the most impressive schools for field trips and expeditions, but it can be prohibitively expensive to reach many children. That is why we are building our own field center for children.

Wildlife Warriors Kids Lab is a 30 acre spectacular patch of wilderness close to Nairobi that children will soon be able to visit, camp, explore, do research, learn and play. We are still at the early stages of designing the facilities and programs. If you would like to help us – please consider supporting the Wildlife Warriors Kids Clubs.

You can make a meaningful difference for children today, donate cash here or send us essential materials that we need to enable us to accommodate thirty children and their teachers, for day trips, weekends and multi-day expeditions. We are looking for tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, backpacks, relevant outdoor nature books, binoculars, cameras and smartphones. To make it easy we have a holiday wish list – you can buy everything on Amazon and send it directly to us. For more information please contact Joy Omulupi at