Project Description

Protecting Kenya’s Amboseli Tuskers

Kenya’s unique giant tusked elephants are being killed, and it’s not by poachers for their ivory. This time, it’s by licensed hunters in Tanzania after trophies for their mantle pieces. WildilfeDirect is working with over 50 other conservation organizations to call on the Tanzanian President, H.E Suluhu, to ban the hunting of elephants in an area of northern Tanzania that the Amboseli elephants frequent. In the face of such challenges to our wildlife, we must amplify our efforts to protect and preserve our natural heritage. That’s why we have Justice for Nature Pitch Fest, an initiative that aims to empower filmmakers to raise their voices for conservation and inspire action through storytelling. Recent concerns regarding the hunting of Amboseli elephants in the Enduimet Area in Tanzania have raised alarm among conservationists. These elephants are not only a national treasure but also hold global significance, being among the most studied elephants in the world. Kenya and Tanzania had agreed upon a moratorium thirty years ago, after the loss of the well-known Amboseli males, RBG, Sleepy, Saibulu, and Oloitipitip. This moratorium was meant to protect the freely migrating elephant population between the two countries. However, hunting has recently been restarted, and three elephants have been killed and their bodies burned in recent weeks. It is alleged that four more hunting permits have been issued and we fear we will lose the last of the great tuskers if these permits are used against our great tuskers.In light of these concerns, WildlifeDirect, along with Elephants Voices, Amboseli Trust for Elephants, Save the Elephants, and many other conservation organizations and government institutions are spearheading a campaign to halt this atrocity. The organizations are also calling on the government of Kenya to collar all the bulls to facilitate tracking, and to initiate diplomatic talks with the Tanzanian counterparts on the matter. In addition, we have launched a global petition, which we invite you to sign and share throughout your networks. Please join us in signing the petition to safeguard the migratory elephants and preserve their vital role in our ecosystem. We will continue to keep you posted on this issue in the coming weeks and months.

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