Project Description

Raising Funds for the Family of Simion Rono

Nairobi – December 10th, 2019

Kenya is facing unprecedented rains that are affecting people and wildlife equally. Unexpected incidents have been reported, including some very tragic cases. Earlier this week, a lion that found its self-outside of Nairobi National Park and unable to cross back due to a raging river, killed a man just south of the Park. He was walking

Simion with two of his children

home from a shopping center as he had done countless times before. His name is Simion Kipkirui Rono. He was married to Sharon Chelagat Rono and they had 3 children.

Simion was a handyman and his family depended on him. The Kenya Government will process his wife’s compensation claim, a process that may take many months. In the meantime, she needs urgent help.

Sharon, like many women who are disproportionately affected by human-wildlife conflict, is in urgent need of funds now.

WildlifeDirect has in the past raised funds for victims of human-wildlife conflict which is not only essential, but it helps remove the sting that the community feels about wildlife when such tragic incidents occur. In 2017, we helped Nkini who was tossed by an elephant and she got proper medical attention and a new safe house. Her family and community told us that were it not for our compassionate response, they might have tried to kill the elephant in their anger and grief.

Now we are raising funds for Simion’s widow to help her and her family through this agonizing time of loss and bereavement. We are also working on information about how to avoid lions to ensure that no more people are attacked in this area.

Please help us to send Sharon a message of solidarity and compassion. Send your contributions to:

  • PAYBILL NO. 600100
  • A/C NO. 0100003937598

Thank you for your generosity and may Simion Rest In Eternal Peace.