Project Description

Support the Wildlife Warriors Kids Field Headquarters

Large mess tent from Will Knocker which we will be putting it up in the bush just south of Nairobi

Dear Friends,
As you plan your spring cleaning, go through your stores and look at all the stuff you’ve not used in ages, AND DO NOT NEED ANYMORE, please consider us for a donation.
We are setting up a field camp for kids to give them a chance to learn outdoorsmanship, camp life, citizen science, etc. We have a lovely large mess tent and we will be putting it up this weekend in the bush just south of Nairobi. This will be the base for all our Wildlife Warrior Kids activities going forwards.
We are looking for the following donations:
1. Large folding camp tables (8 pax)
2. Small folding tables (4 pax)
3. Folding camp chairs
4. Cool boxes x 3 large
5. Large Storage boxes x 5
6. Cupboard
7. Solar lamps x 10
8. Solar panels & battery
9. Tents
10. Camping Mattresses
11. Bedsheets
12. Blankets
13. Towels
14. Pillows
15. Binoculars
16. Digital cameras
17. Books (field guides, camping books or storybooks about nature)
18. Art materials (colouring pencils, paints, colouring books, pens, brushes)
19. Raincoats
20. Water tanks/containers
21. Water bottles
22. Water dispenser
23. Gas cylinder
24. Cooking pots & pans
25. Cooking utensils (ladles, bowls, containers, spatulas, wooden spoons,)
26. BBQ Grills
27. Chopping boards
28. Plates (melamine)
29. Mugs/cups (melamine)
30. Buckets
Please let us know if you are in a position to donate any items or cash which will make a huge difference for our children by giving them an experience in nature, a commitment to conservation and pride in making a difference. We will acknowledge all donations here.
For details call Joy +254 (0) 705133509
Thank you all!