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Survey reveals that 51 percent of Kenyans watched Wildlife Warriors TV Series

Nairobi, December 20, 2019: In April 2019, WildlifeDirect launched Wildlife Warriors, a TV series about Kenyan wildlife heroes at the front line, and the species that they are saving. The series has smashed all expectations after the results of a survey revealed that 51 percent of Kenyans had watched it this year. Produced by WildlifeDirect, shot and edited by Nairobi based production house Vivid Features, the show shines a light on Africa’s own conservation heroes who are fighting grave battles, breaking new ground and risking everything to preserve what they hold most dear, the land of their ancestors and the animals they have lived closely with for generations. Made by Africans for Africans, Wildlife Warriors aims to excite, entertain, wow, educate and inspire viewers to care about nature and wildlife, and take actions that save it and our natural habitats.

“WildlifeDirect is investing in making wildlife documentaries because we believe films have the power to move hearts and minds, and this is why Kenya is the source of many of the world’s award-winning wildlife documentaries. However, most of the films that were made in Kenya are not available here. We decided to make them ourselves.” Dr. Paula Kahumbu, CEO WildlifeDirect, and host of the Wildlife Warriors TV Series.

Wildlife Warriors is broadcast on Citizen TV Kenya and is available online on YouTube. The series is also shown in classrooms across the country in public schools through the Wildlife Warriors Kids Program. Children not only join the club and watch films but also receive fact books and activity books as well as go on field trips and expeditions.

The Wildlife Warriors program in schools is a powerful way of connecting children to nature so that they can treasure it and act to conserve it. The program was funded by Safaricom PLC.

The survey, done by Kantar in November 2019 which revealed that 51 percent of Kenyans watched the series also revealed that 83 percent of Kenyans want the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife to make the National Parks and Reserves free for children. They said park visits were essential for environmental literacy, and that visits would even improve children’s performance at school.

The series premiered on November 6 on EbonyLife TV in Nigeria, which airs in 26 African countries, every Wednesday at 10.00 PM WAT with repeats every Thursday, Saturday, and Monday. Two episodes of the TV series were selected for screening at the New York Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in October and the series was also recognized at this year’s Jackson Wild Film Festival in Wyoming.

Wildlife Warriors Kids Expedition

A group photo © Alex Mbaiyo

WildlifeDirect is currently producing Season 2 of Wildlife Warriors and hopes to shoot episodes in other African countries beyond Kenya. The production of Season 1 of this series was funded by the U.S. Government, through USAID and in partnership with U.S. Department of the Interior, Wild Lives Foundation, and National Geographic.

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About WildlifeDirect:

WildlifeDirect is a Kenyan based conservation organization that has transformed anti-poaching results in Kenya through the award-winning conservation campaign “Hands Off Our Elephants” and the production of Africa wildlife documentaries.  The vision of WildlifeDirect is to change hearts and minds and laws to ensure that Africa’s wildlife endures forever.  Wildlife Warriors is the third wildlife television series that WildlifeDirect has produced as part of its mission to connect Kenyans to their wildlife and nature and inspire them to treasure it and act to conserve it.