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Wildlife Tracks latest updates in the midst of COVID-19

April 9, 2020,

We apologise for delaying in bringing this update to you. Like everyone everywhere, work has been disrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic. First, we are all safe and healthy but our work has changed dramatically. Schools in Kenya are now closed and so field trips to our parks are not possible. For our own safety, our entire team is working from home. We have postponed all field shoots of Wildlife Warriors TV Series and we have started editing our first episode of season 2, which ironically is about bats. We will use this unusual opportunity to educate our people about how zoonoses are caused and why protecting nature is key to preventing further disease outbreaks.  While we are not in the field, we are still working hard to use this forced downtime to rethink our strategy and use opportunities to deliver on our mission of connecting people to wildlife so that they care for it and act to save it.

Since most Kenyans at home now, we are working hard to take their minds of coronavirus by bringing high-quality wildlife programs are into their living rooms via local TV across the nation via our partner Citizen TV. To keep people exploring and observing nature, we launched a weekly photo competition to engage nature lovers and armature photographers including children to share photos taken of wildlife and biodiversity.

We invite you to continue making contributions towards conservation to enable us to support rangers in the field, communities who live with wildlife that might be affected by conflict tor coronavirus and to respond to any emergencies that will emerge during this very difficult period.

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