Project Description

WildlifeDirect and Amarula go global for elephants

August 9, 2018 | Trish Sewe

When elephants thrive, we thrive and that is why WildlifeDirect has joined forces with Amarula to raise global awareness about the plight of elephants. As keystone species, elephants support entire ecosystems. Amarula has been partnering with WildlifeDirect since October 2016 and we look forward to continue this partnership for years to come.

Last year, we marked the celebrations by erecting a life size ice sculpture of an elephant at Union Square in New York where Dr. Paula Kahumbu engaged the media and locals on the importance of saving the iconic species.

This year, Dr. Paula Kahumbu is in South Africa to continue raising awareness through #DontLetThemDisappear Campaign. The campaign will run across select cities in the world where elephant shaped ice sculptures will slowly melt to symbolize the disappearance of elephants.

We are encouraging people all over the world  to join the experience and spread the message on social media by using the hashtag  #DontLetThemDisappear.

Watch the video message from Dr. Paula Kahumbu on why we should not let the jumbos disappear.