Humans Helping Nature – Nature’s Treasures Photo Competition


This week, the #WILDLIFEWARRIORS PHOTO COMPETITION on the theme HUMANS HELPING NATURE received 70 photos from 27 different photographers. The judges were moved by the stories behind each image. This week’s winners captured three different themes of how humans are making the planet a better place by planting trees, rescuing wildlife, and cleaning up our rivers. 

Beauty in Biodiversity – Nature’s Treasures Photo Competition Winners


Beauty in Biodiversity - Nature's Treasures Photo Competition Winners March 31st, 2020 This week we had 168 entries from 63 different photographers which is up from 32 entries from 14 photographers – that’s an increase of 500%!  We are very excited by the rising interest in this competition and the support from all of [...]

Natures Treasures Photo Competition Week One Winners


Winners of Nature in Distress Wildlife Warriors Nature's Treasures Photo Competition. Each week will have a different theme. This week’s theme is Beauty of Biodiversity. Send your submissions (phone and camera photos) to (3 images per person only). Junior category is age 15 and below. Entries close on Sunday 29th March at midnight.