Are you ready to be filled with joy? The fourth theme in the Wildlife Warriors Nature’s Treasures Photo Competition Funny and Cute Wildlife received 139 images from 53 different photographers in Kenya and Tanzania. These winners will inject laughter into your life. We would like to thank all the photographers who took part in the photo competition. The judges were delighted by the creativity in capturing the emotions and personalities of wildlife. 

Our Wildlife Our Pride – Nature’s Treasures Photo Competition


The Wildlife Warriors Nature’s Treasures Photo Competition Series One has concluded on the theme was Our Wildlife Our Pride which received 104 images from 41 amazing photographers. Since the competition began on March 17th, 2020, it has been 12 amazing weeks of 1051 incredible photos from 246 different photographers.

Bringing wildlife films to everyone via television


In this edition of Wildlife Tracks, we share how we have adapted to the new stay at home requirements. We can’t take kids to school but we can bring wildlife to them. WildlifeDirect has partnered with Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble, and Off the Fence and Citizen TV to bring award-winning wildlife documentaries made in Africa on local television.

Nature in the backyard or city – Nature’s Treasures Photo Competition


This week, the Wildlife Warriors Nature's Treasures Photo Competition on the theme Nature in the backyard or city received 131 photos from 55 different photographers. Among this, the junior entry received 11 beautiful photos from 5 young photographers.  The judges noted that the quality of photos submitted is getting much better.

In the Sky – Nature’s Treasures Photo Competition


In the Sky - Nature's Treasures Photo Competition April 14th, 2020 This week the Wildlife Warriors Nature's Treasures Photo Competition received 93 entries from 39 different photographers. OVERALL WINNER Sonia Varma for a stunning photograph a Ruppell’s Vulture and a juvenile White - Backed Vulture in flight with a plane in the background. Both [...]