By: Jomulupi

The objective of this two day meeting was to analyze the proposed Regulations and suggest any necessary amendments to the team of consultants, who drafted these Regulations. Initially the expected number of Regulations was 24 but the consultants reviewed them and came up with 22 Regulations.
Major stakeholders who attended the meeting included KWS Board of Trustees and expert staff, Wildlife Direct, ICIPE, National Museums of Kenya, NACOSTI, Ministry of Agriculture, Researchers and representatives from Conservancies.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Richard Leakey, Chairman of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).
Day One the following regulations were discussed:

  • Access and Benefit Sharing,
  • Bio prospecting,
  • Wildlife Research,
  • Establishment of Wildlife Data base,
  • Wildlife Compensation,
  • Community Participation,
  • Conservancy and Sanctuary Regulations,
  • Activities in Protected Areas.

On day two:

  • Licensing of Trade in Wildlife Species,
  • Endangered Species Management,
  • Implementation of Treaties,
  • Game Trophies,
  • Joint Management of Water Towers,
  • Marine Protected Areas,
  • Mining Regulations,
  • Protected Wetlands and
  • Security Operations.

Several recommendations were made and noted down by the consultant to be included in the next draft of the Regulations. Discussions on Endowment Funds and Security Operations Regulations were deferred until the board seeks further consultation. The Chairman stated that there will be another review meeting after the consultants have incorporated the proposed changes.