The Chui Mamas Of Koija

This short film was funded by National Geographic and shows how the Chui Mamas in Koija, Laikipia County dealt with the impact of COVID-19

Dr. Paula Kahumbu tells a short story of the Chui Mamas of Koija. It’s a story about the women defenders of leopards. This story came to our attention when monitoring a hero from the Wildlife Warriors Season One episode, Ambrose Letoluai, who has been studying black leopards in Laikipia with Mpala Research Centre and the San Diego Zoo. Chui Mamas was co-founded by Ambrose Letoluai and  Ellie Modesta.

The short film shows how Chui Mamas dealt with the impact of COVID-19 which has had devastating effects on wildlife conservation in Kenya. The women have demonstrated resilience by making reusable face masks and soap that they sell in the community. This is our second published story funded by National Geographic, filmed and edited by Johann Vorster and our team at Vivid Features.  Watch the Covid -19 story here.

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