Tusk and Ivory INTL

WildlifeDirect is thrilled to partner with Tusk and Ivory INTL, a clothing company that designs elephant-printed goods for men and women. Tusk and Ivory INTL is generously donating five percent of its proceeds to WildlifeDirect to support the prevention and awareness of elephant poaching and the black market ivory trade in Africa.


Bryant Shelton with WildlifeDirect’s Paula Kahumbu and John Heminway.

Tusk and Ivory INTL seeks to inspire others to help to safeguard the future for elephants by using the elephant design in all their products to represent family, intelligence and strength. Through a partnership with WildlifeDirect, Tusk and Ivory INTL’s goal is to preserve the life of the elephant in its natural environment and stop the senseless slaughter and illegal sale of these great creatures.

Bryant Shelton, Founder of Tusk and Ivory INTL, shares his passion for WildlifeDirect’s mission: “Wildlife conservation has always been important to me since I was a child. My fascination with elephants has always been a part of me. I remember as a kid I would get so engaged watching PBS specials about elephants that I would imagine myself being there living with them. Now as an adult, to see these beautiful pachyderms being killed at such a high rate angers me. I couldn’t just sit back and watch the slaughter taking place without trying to do something to help.”

Through a partnership with WildlifeDirect, Tusk and Ivory INTL brings awareness to the pervasiveness of the black market ivory trade in Africa. For more information, please contact Bryant Shelton, Founder, at tuskandivoryintl@gmail.com.