WildlifeDirect partners with Amarula Trust to raise global awareness about elephant poaching

Nairobi- August 12, 2017: WildlifeDirect is very proud to work with Amarula Trust to create global awareness of the plight of Africa’s elephants. While many brands use elephants in their logos, Amarula is the only African brand that has positioned itself to champion elephant conservation.

WildlifeDirect has been at the forefront of legal reforms in Kenya that have seen the introduction of new legislation with severe penalties, and greater investment in frontline protection. This has resulted in a spectacular decline in poaching in Kenya of over 80% since 2012.  However, the success is not replicated in other African countries, and recent surveys suggest that one elephant is killed every 15 minutes in Africa for its ivory. Amarula Trust and WildlifeDirect have joined forces to secure the future of elephants by discouraging trade in ivory, which has caused an unprecedented slaughter of elephants across Africa. Solving the elephant poaching crisis therefore requires a global response.

On World Elephant Day celebrated every year on August 12, Amarula and WildlifeDirect will launch #DontLetThemDisappear Campaign calling on all people to unite in their conservation efforts to ensure that these critical species endure forever. Amarula will erect a massive ice elephant sculpture in Union Square, Manhattan where Dr. Paula Kahumbu the Amarula Brand Ambassador will talk to consumers about the plight of our elephants.

In July, Amarula brought top influencers from Kenya, Canada, Germany, South Africa, and USA including a celebrity from Brazil to Amboseli National Park as part of the anti-ivory poaching campaign. The first phase of the campaign, started in October last year with a webisode shot in Kenya at Amboseli National Park. #NameThemSaveThem Campaign directs viewers to a virtual digital savannah where they have the opportunity to create, name and share their elephant on social media. For every elephant digitally created on the site, Amarula will donate $1.00 to WildlifeDirect.  With fewer than 400,000 elephants, Amarula released 400,000 individualised Amarula bottles – one bottle for each of the remaining elephants.

Amarula will also be taking a bold stand for the African elephant by removing the elephant from their label to demonstrate their commitment towards saving the gentle giants of Africa.

Ivory poaching stops with you so lets kill the ivory trade and not our heritage. Join the movement at

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WildlifeDirect is a Kenya and US registered charitable organization founded by Richard Leakey with a US Board and Kenya Board. WildlifeDirect campaigns for justice for wildlife to ensure Africa’s magnificent wildlife endure forever.

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