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WildlifeDirect (WLD)is an internationally recognized as a high impact Kenyan based organization. WLD¬†seeks to change hearts and minds and laws so that Africa’s wildlife endures forever. The mission of WildlifeDirect is to connect people to nature and wildlife so that they treasure it and act to conserve it. The strategy of WildlifeDirect is organized around two pillars of work. The first pillar is to change the narrative of conservation in Africa by producing African positive films, and developing the capacity of African storytellers. The second pillar is education and outreach, through Wildlife Warriors Kids Clubs in schools. WildlifeDirect is a bold and forward thinking organization that achieves its goals through direct action and strategic partnerships. Our people are professional, bold, passionate, forward thinking and determined.


Terms of Reference: Scout-Style Badge Design

Project Background: We are seeking a designer to create 8 unique designs for scout-style badges that will be awarded to children participating in outdoor conservation learning programs in Kenya and Africa. The badges will focus on areas such as botany, ornithology, tree planting, and guiding. The badges will be used to recognize and motivate children’s achievements and engagement in outdoor conservation activities. They should be empowering to both girls and boys of all backgrounds.

Scope of Work: The successful candidate will be responsible for creating unique 8 badge designs that meet the following requirements:

  1. Child-friendly design: The badge designs should be appealing and appropriate for children of all ages.
  2. Clear Design: The design should be clear and easily identifiable, making it easy to distinguish between badges.
  3. Three Colours: Each badge design should only use up to 3 bold /bright colours, which are easy to see from a distance.
  4. Simple Designs: The design should be unique, reflecting the challenge that they represent, simple and not too complex. It should be easy to reproduce.
  5. Badge Dimensions: Each badge will be 2-3 inches wide and should be a simple shape.
  6. Format: The badge designs should be delivered in a format that is suitable for both printing and embroidery.

Deliverables: The successful candidate will deliver the following:

  1. Eight unique badge designs in the agreed format.

The 8 badges are:

  • Botanist(For children interested in floral studies)
  • Editor(For children interested in publications and our newsletter process)
  • Cartographer(For children interested in GIS and Mapping)
  • Guide(For children interested in field guiding)
  • Ornithologist(For children interested in Birding activity)
  • Librarian(For children participating in library database activities)
  • Bio Geographer(For children interested in Natural Resource Management)
  • Ranger(For children interested in wildlife studies and their protection)
  1. The designs will be submitted in digital form, ready for printing and embroidery.
  2. The designs will be delivered within a timeframe of two weeks from the award of the contract.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: Applications, quotations and proposals to be submitted to Joy Omulupi via email at: before March 31st 2023.